*Precious memories* by Kaymee designs and FREEBIE

Kaymee designs released an awesome kit in yellow-blue-browm color palette. It contains 60 elements and 16 papers. Go and grab it at Shabbypickledesigns!

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RAK for my friend Květa
Template by Eudora designs
GSO at DST - thank you very much Helen (dida1357)!
WA by Mediterranka design
GSO at DST - thanx again Helen!!!

And finally a gift for your - cluster frame from this marvelous kit, enjoy it!
Download freebie HERE

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*Daddy´s girl* by Mediterranka and FREEBIE

After fabulous baby-boy kit "When you were born" Mediterranka design presenting also girl´s one - *Daddy´s girl*. This awesome kit in white-pink-green color palette includes 83 different elements, 16 papers, 7 wordarts, 10 word tags and alpha.
If you want to get this kit FREE leave a comment at designer´s blog HERE. Next Monday she will pick 1 winner...

Don't miss your chance to buy this kit with discount 25% (till next Monday).

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GSO at DST - thank you very much leacindy!
GSO at DST - thanx a lot Moodyjudy!

And finally a gift for you - cluster frame from this beautiful kit. Enjoy it!

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*Treasured heart* by Lara´s digi world and FREEBIE

Look at this amazing kit from Lara´s digi world - *Treasured heart* is full of beautiful vintage elements, dry roses, cupid and pigeon make your Valentine or wedding photos unforgetable...

Check set of clusters and overlays too...

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With kind permission of Erika (aka Lara´s digi world) I turned my second page into QP for you, enjoy it!
Download freebie

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Collection *Blessed time* by A-liya in stores!

Amazing kit for your spring/summer pages or LO's with your babies! :) This huge kit consists of 15 papers and more than 100 beautiful elements in different variants (195 elements in total).

Get the complete collection "Blessed time" with the QP´s  kit, set of "spring" wordarts, set of wonderful clusters and set of masks. This gorgeous collection made with fresh and natural colors and full of unique accents will inspire the most sweet and charming layouts!

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Template by Eudora designs
GSO at DST - thank you very much tipou2067

GSO at DST - thank you very very much Dida1357
TFL :)
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Happy Valentine´s day!!! FREEBIE

For all people in love or those who just dreaming about this beautiful feeling I made a small gift - Valentine´s frame.
Thank Brigit for the permission to use her romantic kit *Pink Rhapsody*.
Enjoy it!

Happy Valentine´s day!!!
xoxo Kamá


Romantic kit *Pink Rhapsody* in store!

Do you love a pink color! So you have to have this romantic kit, released by Designs by Brigit. It is the right one for your Valentine's or for your little girls´s pages. Contains 69 elements and 9 papers, now with discount 30%!!!

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GSO at DST - thank you very much Brigit!

GSO at DST - thank you very much Kuki!

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New kit *What happens tomorrow* and FREEBIE

Mediterranka design released absolutelly fantastic kit inspired by nature - *What happens tomorrow*. Kit includes 69 elements, 16 papers (inc. patterned), alphas set and 20 wordtags.

You can buy the kit *What happens tomorrow* with 25% discount during first week in all her stores...
Angels Scrap Shop
You can also win this fabulous kit - try your luck HERE
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photo by Ariana Falerni
GSO at DST - thank you very much aiyanacreations

GSO at DST - thank you very much Dida!
And finally I made a gift for you - cluster frame. Enjoy it!

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Valentine's sale from Designs by Brigit

Brigit (Designs by Brigit) has a Valentine's sale in her shops - 30 - 50% off for a limited time!
Check it! DDD and BSS

Have a nice scrapping weekend!
Hugs, Kamá

New kit *Love Melody* and FREEBIE

Kaymee designs released beautiful kit *Love Melody*. It is perfect for your Valentine´s layouts, contains 16 papers and 68 elements.

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WA by Mediterranka design

photo by Ariana Falerni

WA by AB Digiscrape

And finally a small gift for you - Valentine cluster frame. Enjoy it!

Love to read your comments!
Hugs, Kamá


Amazing kit *J´adore* by Mariscrap

I am so lucky, won this beautiful kit *J´adore* by Mariscrap! It contains 11 papers and 65 elements. I love vintage theme very  much, it is awesome to scrap your old family photos...

Check set of QP´s too...

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Photo: my grandparents´ wedding
GSO at DST - thank you Dida!

Photo: my Dad as a boy
GSO at DST - thank you Dida!
Thank you Mariscrap once more!



It´s so exciting, I've got my first award *Beautiful Blog*! I'm very happy and proud about it. At first I would like to thank Mediterranka who gave this award to me. Thank you very much, Olesya!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you an award;
2. Post the link to his/her blog on your blog;
3. Post the award's logo on your blog;
4. Give an award to 10 blogs and give the links to them;
5. Send the blogs' authors a comment about the award;
6. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

So, I want to give the award *Beautiful blog*' to following blogs:
1. Svetlanka
2. Filippok
3. Nataliya Zima
4. Mamamatveya1
5. Dida1357
6. Hekas
7. Totka
8. Mary-11
9. Stellamarie
10. Veternica
Ladies, I love your layouts very very much and I am happy to read in comments, that you like my too:)

And 7 facts about me:
1. I am from Prague/Czech Republic, have lived in Russia for 4 years and now I live in Belarus;
2. Love to hug my children, they are meaning of my life;
3. Love to laught with *Monty Python's Flying Circus* and *Shaun the sheep*;
4. Love to eat apple-pie and medium-steak;
5. Love to listen to classical music, Bach´s *Air* is one of my favourites;
6. Love to walk on seaside, see sunset with my beloved husband;
7. Hate lie, envy, greed.

Thank you for reading folks:)
Hugs, Kamá


Collab kit Funky Little Love and FREEBIE

You'll love the mix of funky & elegant styles in this amazing Pickled Pears Collab Kit! Funky Little Love is filled with beautifully patterned and fantasy style papers, as well as a gorgeous mix of elements.

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And little FREEBIE for you - cluster frame. Enjoy it!

Thank you for looking and your nice comments:)
xoxo Kamá