It´s so exciting, I've got my first award *Beautiful Blog*! I'm very happy and proud about it. At first I would like to thank Mediterranka who gave this award to me. Thank you very much, Olesya!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you an award;
2. Post the link to his/her blog on your blog;
3. Post the award's logo on your blog;
4. Give an award to 10 blogs and give the links to them;
5. Send the blogs' authors a comment about the award;
6. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

So, I want to give the award *Beautiful blog*' to following blogs:
1. Svetlanka
2. Filippok
3. Nataliya Zima
4. Mamamatveya1
5. Dida1357
6. Hekas
7. Totka
8. Mary-11
9. Stellamarie
10. Veternica
Ladies, I love your layouts very very much and I am happy to read in comments, that you like my too:)

And 7 facts about me:
1. I am from Prague/Czech Republic, have lived in Russia for 4 years and now I live in Belarus;
2. Love to hug my children, they are meaning of my life;
3. Love to laught with *Monty Python's Flying Circus* and *Shaun the sheep*;
4. Love to eat apple-pie and medium-steak;
5. Love to listen to classical music, Bach´s *Air* is one of my favourites;
6. Love to walk on seaside, see sunset with my beloved husband;
7. Hate lie, envy, greed.

Thank you for reading folks:)
Hugs, Kamá

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